Top Shelf in November: THE VALLEY OF AMAZEMENT


The Valley of Amazement by Amy Tan
Reviewed by Doc

When I found The Valley of Amazement, I was deeply longing for an illustration of my own inner beauty & determination in camaraderie with other women. I needed to see compassion toward the realistic vulnerability of love and trust. I found that these deep longings were realized and satisfied as I looked through the eyes of the main character, Violet. Kidnapped and sold into the courtesan world, she transformed from a stuck-up American girl temporarily living in Shanghai into a practical young Chinese escort, pleasing the right people in order to survive. In such a drastic transition of identity and culture, Violet’s ever-resourceful human spirit empowered her to reinvent herself.

An intelligent, capable woman, Violet became the perfect vessel for a symbolic discourse on the friction in Chinese/American relations. China and America have always held a very peculiar relationship…

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