Why I am giving away my 1st book

Call it Christmas spirit (No, not that spirit: I am NOT drunk), but I have decided to give away my 1st book!  ‘Auntie Rita is coming to London’. 

It’s a story that means much to me. It is partly based on real events and has taken me three years to write (also: 12 drafts, two editors and a lot of cheek to self publish it). After considerable hesitation, I have forced myself to publish it and would like to share it with you.  Why should you invest your precious time reading my stories?

If you are a writer, you know the excruciating pain and happiness of sending your book out into the world, not knowing if it will be read, or even worse, not knowing whether it will be understood or liked. You brace yourself for harsh critique, but hope someone, somewhere will treat your characters kindly. You hope that somewhere, somehow, your story will bring a smile and some relief to someone. You hope.

You overcome the fear of ridicule, of unwittingly offending, of rejection, because your wish to share your story is stronger. So, perhaps, you will understand why I am allowing you to upload a free copy via Story Cartel.

I really want to share this story with you, I want you to know about auntie Rita and her journey to London, to give her niece a letter that cannot be posted.

Meet Gigi and laugh/wince at her farcical bid to bag her dream job at ‘The Venerable Institution’.

What would you do if a dear friend got married in secret?  See what Ian, Charlotte and Bea go through in ‘The Sudden Bride’ and if you have ever wanted to know the truth, cost what might, you will know why Henry is so bent on finding his beloved Artemisia’s secret in ‘In the Shadows’

If you are addicted to reading, you know the magic bond that a story can form between a writer and his/her reader. I see it is a joining of hands between people who will never meet, and yet come to share something meaningful and intimate.

This is the magic that books only can create. It belongs to us, lovers of books, it’s ours.

And so, dear readers to be, I hope you will not find me presumptuous and will accept this offering. I know you are likely to be busy, but if you can, read my collection of short stories this Christmas break, and, if you can spare time, let me have your thoughts.

Believe me, I will not squander this chance: I will take on board your views, as I sit to write my second book. 

New characters, new stories, new beginnings, here’s one.  Here’s to you all. May 2014 bring us all more and better books and a fulfilling life.

All the best, Marella


2 thoughts on “Why I am giving away my 1st book

  1. authordavidfreeman

    Best of luck Marella from sunny Florida. We are on a similar path with our first of many motivational children’s stories, ALMOST ready for release. We have recently started (another) authors/readers group, specifically to promote the sharing of new book reviews. Our FaceBook group is called “Authors Pay it Forward Project”, join our growing group of promotion conscious Authors at https://www.facebook.com/groups/authorspayitforward/ and connect with Connie and I at our FB page, https://www.facebook.com/MushroomTales?ref=hl. I have also compiled (and joined) a list of 72 Author’s groups, with nearly 400,000 members (many repeats, of course). I you’d like me to send a copy of the Excel spread sheet of this list, let me know.

    Best of luck and I’ll get back to you with a review as soon as possible. Good luck on book number 2.
    Dave Freeman

    1. marella albion Post author

      Thank you, David, for your encouragement! Let me know when your book is out and I will read with interest.
      I will also have a look at your FB pages. All the best and let’s write, write, write!! 🙂


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